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What is ShareLingo?

It's where you come when you're really ready to finally SPEAK Spanish...

Get past the apps on your phone... 

and start actually speaking Spanish.


At ShareLingo, we developed a model and method for English and Spanish speakers to find and practice with each other.  REAL people - Online or Face-to-Face, to share one another's language and culture.


No matter how you are learning vocabulary and grammar (Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, University, Youtube, Online) every program will tell you that, as soon as possible, you should find someone to practice with. But they don't tell you where, or how, or what to do with them once you find them!  


ShareLingo shows you exactly how to find and practice with native Spanish speakers.


We ALSO show native Spanish speakers learning English how to find and practice with YOU.

Our students experience amazing progress that is nearly impossible to match without traveling abroad such as:

  • Improved comprehension by not just "parroting" words and phrases, but by speaking, reading and writing their new language.
  • Accelerated learning through microimmersion.
  • Improved pronunciation through immediate, positive feedback.
  • Confidence and clarity of knowing that they CAN learn a new language.
  • Creating cross-cultural life long friendships.

Want to know about ShareLingo's mission, history, and vision?
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A Radically Simple Solution to Unify Communities, Strengthen Businesses, and Connect Cultures Through Language

Learn about ShareLingo’s proven Model, Method, and Materials that eliminate barriers between English and Spanish speakers in Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Construction, and many more areas of our community.

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ShareLingo for Individuals

Finally learn to speak Spanish easily, without stress, anxiety or fear!


ShareLingo for Individuals

Finally learn to speak Spanish easily, without stress, anxiety or fear!

You need to speak Spanish, right?

  • To be better at your job...
  • To get a better job...
  • To enrich travel abroad...
  • To converse with your neighbors...
  • To make new friends....
  • To date someone from a different culture...

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Spanish.

We are committed to helping you reach your goal!

Our students come from all walks of life, and from many diverse communities and backgrounds, yet they have all had similar struggles when it comes to learn Spanish..

  • They've tried many different methods for learning Spanish -- high school and college courses, computer training, audio CDs, APPs on their phones...
  • Usually find themselves "winging it" without any clear plan for success. 
  • Are afraid to approach a native Spanish speaker to practice with...
  • Are frustrated by the feelings of failure and futility because nothing "sticks".

ShareLingo moves you past the APPs and computers to really SPEAK Spanish.


Did you know that there are literally millions of Spanish speakers in the U.S. who are desperate to practice and improve their English ~ WITH YOU?

ShareLingo will help you actually SPEAK Spanish in a way you’ve never experienced before: with real people (what a concept) – without stress, anxiety or fear.


We create English/Spanish small groups with a bilingual facilitator, custom materials, and a free online account with additional materials for each participant.  If you’re already taking classes or working with books or a computer, that's great!  ShareLingo is the missing link, because at some point you need to practice with real people!


And we can help you create a path to success... We'll show you how to practice, what to practice, and when you should practice it!


To find out about classes near you, or how you can get started, click the button below! We look forward to getting to know you!

Join the ShareLingo Family!

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ShareLingo Solutions

ShareLingo for Business

Our mission drives us to provide the best solution to your diversity challenges as economically viable as possible. The fact is, we can provide real cross-cultural training and understanding for your team members.  We'll show you how to increase employee satisfaction, improve retention, build rapport within your team, and help your staff to better connect with your clientele.


ShareLingo for Schools and Non-Profits

ShareLingo is proud to support organizations that foster cultural inclusion and respect for diverse races, genders, religions, countries of origin and sexual orientation. If your non-profit organization works with the Anglo and/or Latino communities, your staff or customers could benefit from participation in a ShareLingo class! There are many ways we can help you achieve your goals. We offer discounts, subsidies, and even sponsorships!

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