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If your company has, or is thinking about, any sort of language or diversity training, we invite you to consider implementing a program with The ShareLingo Project.


The benefits for your company, your clients, the participants, and our whole community are significant and measurable.  
It WILL improve your bottom line.

Classes are tailored to your Business

If you are staying in a hotel, and you want to ask a staff person a question (Where’s the bar, ice, elevator, etc) and they don’t understand you, that’s frustrating, right?


Well it’s frustrating (and embarrassing) for the staff as well.


The same is true in any business in which the staff can’t easily communicate, at least on a basic level, with customers and clients.

ShareLingo classes are tailored to YOUR organization. So, in a hospital, for example, participants practice with different materials than in, say, a bank, or a hotel, or on a construction site.


And, because students work one-on-one with a native speaker, the phrase “How do you say … “ is used a lot.

The natural conversations that happen in a ShareLingo group lead to all kinds of tangents off of the main topic, and we encourage this!

  • Improved Communication

    A staff with multiple bilingual speakers increases customer satisfaction, reduces response times for client issues, and fosters camaraderie among your departments and their employees.

    Customers and clients who feel that they can have their issues address promptly, regardless of their language or your employees', give consistently better reviews,

  • Improve Efficiency

    By reducing the time it takes to 'hunt down the bilingual supervisor' or relay instructions multiple times to different groups, bilingual employees can greatly decrease the time it takes to get a response to that key customer, implement a new strategy, or even simply greet customers and clients in a warm, business-like manner. 

  • Maximize ROI

    Ask us how one of our partners was able to reduce their Workers Comp bill by over $100K per year due to increased bilingual training and safety procedures.

  • Boost Your Company's Profile

    Hosting ShareLingo classes at your location is good for the community, and good for your business. 

    By bringing together your key clients or customers with an influential audience of purchase decision-makers, you show them that you welcome and value them while creating new and exciting opportunities for your business.


  • Drastically Increased Retention

    An employee who feels invested in, who knows that you care about their personal improvement and their ability to do their job, has a markedly improved job satisfaction. As such, they are significantly less likely to seek employment elsewhere, after you've spent the time to train them. 


  • What Else?

    How can you implement a ShareLingo plan at your business?  What other incredible results will you have to share? Get in touch today, and we'll help you find out!

Free Evaluation

Many organizations have experienced both language and cultural barriers that keep staff, members, and clients from working together at the moste efficient level. We can help the people in your organization connect across the boundaries of language and culture.   


We will be very happy to speak with you about your individual needs.  


It is the mission of the ShareLingo Project to help every community, including the communities within your organization, understand each other better. 


Please get in touch and let us know about your organization’s specific needs.  We look forward to working with you to create the best possible environment for your staff, members, and customers to work together.

Pricing for Businesses

Every business is unique... Including yours.


Every week, we consult with a different business that has a completely different diversity situation.


While we recognize the convenience it could provide to simply list a flat rate price for you here, and let you make a buying decision, the fact is, it would be irresponsible of us to do so.


Instead, we invite you to meet with us, by phone or in person, and speak with us about your unique situation.

We're here to help. Our mission drives us to provide the best solution to your diversity challenges as economically viable as possible.


The fact is, we can provide real cross-cultural training and understanding for your team members.  We'll show you how to increase employee satisfaction, improve retention, build rapport within your team, and help your staff to better connect with your clientele.


ShareLingo classes provide an unforgettable language and cultural exchange experience. Through a series of classes led by a certified ShareLingo Facilitator, we can help end your diversity challenges, as well.


​Contact us today and scheduling your free consultation.  

Boost Your Company's Profile

Does your business have a Board Room, Conference, or Training Room that is large enough for 11 people?

Bring your Latino clients or customers into your business while you show them that you welcome them.


ShareLingo presents an ideal opportunity to boost your company’s profile among key clients and customers, along with an influential audience comprised of purchase decision makers.


Offering meeting space at your location is good for the community, and good for business!


Perhaps your staff need to improve their Spanish or English?

Perhaps you want to understand the growing Hispanic Market better?

Maybe you want to entice the Latino community into your office as potential customers? 


Whatever the reason, ShareLingo needs your space! We depend on the involvement of businesses like yours to help us offer our program at such a low cost.

The Solution to Workplace Diversity

Let's face it... "Mandatory Diversity Training" doesn’t work.


At best, it alienates and annoys your staff and at worst, can actually harm intercultural relations instead of the intended goal.

According to the Harvard Business Review, "A study of 829 companies over 31 years showed that diversity training had “no positive effects in the average workplace.” Millions of dollars a year were spent on the training resulting in, well, nothing. Attitudes — and the diversity of the organizations — remained the same."


Further, the researches who performed that study, came to the conclusion that "In firms where training is mandatory or emphasizes the threat of lawsuits, training actually has negative effects on diversity."

Why Do You Need Diversity Training?

There are two different reasons why you might want to have a diversity training program in your business.


The first, is simply to avoid lawsuits.


The other is to create an inclusive environment which fosters a sense of value, respect and contribution in your employees.

The unfortunate truth is that most companies approach diversity training from the first position.  They simply want to prevent any event that might result in a negative impact on the bottom line.


The most common response when faced with the question of diversity "issues", is to have a training session that outlines what people can and cannot say.  Almost every medium or larger sized company has held one or more of these meetings.

The problem with these is that scenarios that they teach become the butt of participant jokes, and actually end up promoting more prejudice than they prevent.


Another common response is "category training".  In this type of diversity training, people are divided into obvious categories like gender, ethnicity or age, and then told to share a little about how they see themselves. 


Then they are divided into more subtle categories, like shared experiences, likes, dislikes or beliefs, and then asked to share.

The comparison is intended to illuminate the similarities in people of different cultures, but unfortunately, the process often fails because, ironically, it violates the recommendations from the first training.


However, even though most commonly used methods of diversity training actually promote more prejudice than acceptance, there is still a deep need for this type of training in the workplace.

So What Is The Solution

The solution to this, and the solution that ShareLingo has been publicizing for years, is to train people to work with a diverse set of individuals. Not experiences, not categories... people.


By moving past cultural identity and into individuality, your employees can learn how to see the real people, rather than labels and stereotypes.


Connecting your English and Spanish speaking staff, managers, and customers so they can teach and mentor each other does.


The best way to do this is to teach your employees how to communicate authentically and with empathy


However, this can be extremely challenging when you have a diverse, multicultural  workforce that literally live in different worlds.


At ShareLingo, our consulting team has been addressing this issue for companies across Colorado for over three years.

Further, we don't just tell you what you should do – we step in and help you DO it. 


Our classes are tailored to your organization.  Whether you are in health care, banking, hospitality, construction, education, landscaping... it really doesn't matter; our classes will eliminate your diversity problem.


The natural conversations that occur during a ShareLingo training lead to real learning and understanding, and we encourage this! Not just because language and communication is so important, but also because our participants share cultural insights that cross the diversity gap.


If your company is struggling with diversity issues, or would like to proactively address them with a comprehensive program that will improve employee retention, eliminate diversity problems, protect you from brand-damaging lawsuits, and even improve your client engagement, don't hesitate to contact ShareLingo today for a complimentary consultation.

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